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FemiClear 1-Day Dose Yeast Infection

FemiClear 1-Day Dose Yeast Infection

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Yeast Infection Relief | Homeopathic Solution 0.25oz Yeast Infection Ointment, 1 Applicator and 0.5oz Ointment


  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: FemiClear 1-Day Dose helps alleviate the unwelcome itching, discharge and irritation symptoms associated with bothersome yeast infections. It works against even tough-to-treat yeast.

  • ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Proudly manufactured in the USA, FemiClear 1-Day Dose is formulated with ingredients including oxygenated olive oil, beeswax, melaleuca oil, an essential oil blend. This product is free from artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients, and unnecessary additives. Because of this, the scent is different. Some like it. Others don't.

  • EARLY INTERVENTION: Yeast infections are uncomfortable. Using FemiClear at the first sign of an infection will help stop an infection early. The longer you wait, the more inflamed and irritated your vaginal tissue will become. Burning may occur, and that's normal. It causes burning in approximately half of users, and this is an expected side effect.** Burning can be mild or intense.

  • WHEN TO USE: The internal vaginal ointment is best used at bedtime, while our topical ointment can be used as often as needed for external relief.

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each pack contains a 0.25-ounce tube of vaginal ointment paired with 1 disposable applicators and a 0.5-ounce tube of external vaginal anti-itch ointment. This feminine product works on recurring yeast infections, providing you the symptom relief you need.

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